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Import property data from MLS

Search and import properties data from public records, such as property features, description, last sales price, current value, rent estimates, photos, sales comps and much more.

Analyze any investment metrics in seconds

Calculate all sorts of investment metrics including but not limited to monthly cash flow, COC, ROI, IRR, DCR, total profits, and more. Help you make sound decision when it comes to real estate acquisition.

Forecast long-term performance

View all the detailed financial analysis at hand for your portfolio, keep track of long-term cumulative net cashflow, principal pay down, property value, appreciation, equity built up etc.

Get property valuation and rent estimate

Discover the most updated property valuation, rent estimate and after repair value based on recent sales and rental comps in the neighborhood.

Export and share professional PDF reports

Generate professional and beautiful summary PDF report that you can share with lenders, business partners or clients. Browse interactive reports on any smart phones with best user experience. View a sample.

24/7 live support to help you succeed

Ask us anything whenever is convenient for you, our support is dedicated to help real estate investors at any level to succeed in investing. Send us feature requests to enable us to better serve you.


Beautifully crafted tools that are easy to use

Analyze any investment metrics for any propertyCompare rentals and flips side by side with easeQuickly calculate highest offer based on targetsForecast long-term performanceCreate and export professional PDF reportLoop up recent sales and rental comps

What customers say about DealCrunch

“The house flip section is very detailed and has everything you need! It looks great with a lot of analysis including cost breakdown for initial investment.”
Bruce Woodman
“I like the simplicity and the clean user interface, I can quickly analyze deals on the go, no need to carry around a laptop with me and use Excel.”
Nancy Parker
“I have been looking for such kind of an app for a while and now I have it. Don’t hesitate and just install it if you want to buy a house or invest in real estate market.”
Luyao Cheng
“Easy to use, clean layout, and beautiful report. Numbers are critical to me and time is everything in this competitive market. DealCrunch is definitely a game changer.”
Cong Zhao
“Excellent service! I needed support and they even got connected through zoom to answer my questions live! Will continue using this app for future analysis and presentation for my investors. Most user friendly and visually attractive I seen!”
Jeronimo Pineda
“This app is easy to use. It provides good information in a way that is easy to digest.”
Karn Ratana
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Make the odds be in your favor

Download it today for FREE, no credit card required.